In today’s world of fast paced in your face media and a million choices daily this small book may be easily overlooked. But this book is packed full of brilliant ways to make your life a success story. The 7 Rings poses awe-inspiring questions tied together with beautifully candid personal stories by Brian. In the age of politically correctness, it is refreshing to see a successful man
seamlessly weave together business and faith the way Brian has. Most of us hear the word success and it is synonymous with wealth, fame or accolades. But in Brian’s book, success takes on a whole new meaning and ultimately has you dreaming of
grander success than that of gain. Instead this book inspires you in the success of giving. The giving of your mind, your body and your spirit. Sadly in our society today we are in short supply of people who inspire us. So where do we go to be inspired? I would suggest into the pages of The 7 Rings. It will fill your head and heart with thought provoking questions and remind you that in God all things are possible.


It was really easy to see how Brian Watson has become such a success. His strong core values shine through in his book The 7 Rings. He has compelling personal stories and I found insight in each of the lessons he teaches. His relationship with his wife shows how two people can engage in work and family in a way that honors their partnership and respects each individual. I found myself captivated by his personal journey. The questions at the end of each chapter serve as an incredible tool for self exploration. I found this introspection particularly beneficial as I navigate the world of technology while maintaining relationships. My admiration for Brian grows, throughout the book, as I read about his painful childhood and the perseverance it took to overcome obstacles. What a wonderful description of what it takes to live your life with integrity.

Shari W. 

This book was enjoyable and interesting to read. I would highly recommend it. There was one day where I was crying on the treadmill at the gym, but could not stop reading. 5 stars!

Heather T.

Brian Watson is such a multi-faceted author that possesses valuable life experiences to share. There is much to think after reading The 7 RINGS but undoubtedly the most remarkable, is the author’s extraordinary human spirit and his life journey. A highly recommended reading, it is an absolutely addictive book.

Erika O.

Brian Watson has authored a great book. The 7 Rings is easy and fun to read, and it's full of practical advice on how to lead a truly balanced life. Not only does Brian present his message in a coherent, well-organized fashion, but he also offers all kinds of personal anecdotes while making his points. Achieving balance in life can be difficult at times in a world where so many people are so busy, but reading this book reminds the reader of simple life lessons that will enable him or her to make it happen. I wholeheartedly recommend this book for anyone at any stage in life. It's that accessible and that fun to read!


This is an excellent book that gives a personal insight into a very successful man and what is important to him. This is a positive look at some very personal life events and life experiences that are part of Brian's life. I am also impressed with how the author has allowed himself to be "personalized" and to show how much events in his life have helped shape him and his beliefs. In addition to thoughts about a successful man, it is also an in depth look at how those thoughts have guided and sustained him. Not only a perosnalized account of a successful businessman, but a provocative look and attempt to have each of us look at ourselves to create, or re-create, as the case may be, ouselves in a new way and new light. Brian----keep up the good work for all of us!


Very inspirational, very transparent. Well written from the heart.

Tom Hart

My two sons were in the publishing business and we have all digested numerous books on success, goal setting, relationships, life skills etc. but none of them pulled it together like The 7 Rings. Balance is the Key to having a healthy and happy life and it is too often overlooked or simplified.
I appreciated learning about Mr. Watson's background, family relationships and challenges. His writing is well thought out and is based on life experiences not text books or over used cliches.

I chose to highlight many many parts of the book, and will refer to the material many more times as I continue to make an effort to "balance" my family, business and personal life. Although I have been happily married for 42 years I found chapter 3, Joined at the Heart, to be an excellent reminder of what it takes to continue to grow in a relationship. Much of it is Common Sense, but as we all know, that is very Uncommon in todays World.

Thanks for the refresher course on life, priorities, purpose and balance... It never hurts to revisit these Rings of life.

Doug H.

I enjoyed this book, especially the second half. I was initially put off by the informal, journal-entry narrative style, but eventually I got used to it the author’s intuitive voice. People who prefer a more formal, literary style may not easily. But I think it’s part of what makes the book unique. The quick pacing, narration, and Brian Watson’s obvious fascination with relationships kept me riveted until the book’s conclusion.

Author, Brian Watson doesn’t offer easy answers to the situations outlined, but instead allows the reader to explore and evaluate many possible narratives.

I highly recommend this book.

Roger Hudson

Not what I expected - in the best possible way. Brian Watson has been an guest of mine in electronic media a number of times, and I was pleasantly surprised to be on the list of those given an advance copy of the book.

Here's what I knew of Mr. Watson before the book: Incredibly successful and productive business owner with a particular vision focused on real estate. He once walked me through a particularly difficult question about energy development and its long term outlook in Colorado in a way that I know to be accurate, encouraging, and surprisingly insightful. Thoughtful, intelligent, skilled extemporaneous speaker.

What I know about Mr. Watson now: He got where he is the best (hard, if you insist) way. The particulars of his circumstances along the way made the journey all the sweeter and/or more poignant. Mr. Watson bravely shares the good and bad that informs the person he is today.

As for the 7 rings, the heart of the book, the ordering of them isn't what one might expect. Nor is the ultimate definition of success the standard for this type of book. Divine Desire, the first ring, seems to be missing entirely from "success in business" books, and putting ring seven, The Gift of Work, last may seem counter intuitive, but maybe that's the point.

Here's my criticism of the book, which may not be far from Mr. Watson's criticism of our culture. Where does this book belong? Is it spiritual/recovery/personal development, or a business book? Why can't it be both? (It is both.) Our current state of affairs, including that life is unbelievably good for Americans, among other challenges (yes, I meant to say that having things this good is a challenge), has us grasping at straws, seemingly unable even to define success. Witness the growing minimalist movement at the same time we've elected the wealthiest, arguably most successful business owner/operator ever to be President of the United States.

I agree with Mr. Watson that we need Divine Desire as a start. No surprise that Mr. Watson wisely makes the case for his religious beliefs without disparaging others, as he has business interests in all corners of the world. The rest of the rings, core individual beliefs that lead to actions that will create, as promised, a "journey" toward success, are spot on and, wisely, offered in a 'ponder these - develop your own - order them how they work best for you' kind of spirit. Mr. Watson points the way to a journey leading to the kind of success that transcends dollars in the bank, accomplishments, job titles, or accolades, and that's a refreshing point of view.

Chad Peterson

This book is great to any person in business. Young or experienced, Brian's view on life will open doors for you that you never thought of opening. I really enjoy reading and meeting people that are willing to share their story and you can feel the transparency with Brian's story. I highly recommend this book.

Abel Medrano

I loved it. A great guideline for setting priorities and focusing on the things that really matter. I bought this as gifts and everyone loves it and appreciates Brian's message. So refreshing!

Jan R Top

I have just completed reading "The 7 Rings" by Brian Watson, and found it was a great "reminder" of many things that I had let "slip away". This includes personal relationships and events that we may have taken for granted and perhaps not given "Thanks" to our Creator. The book was a great reminder and challenged me to make some necessary changes in my life.
I would recommend this book to everyone, but particularly business people, who are constantly challenged in today's world. We often times forget the important things in life and Brian's insight and personal experiences, put me back on track.


This book was a great read! So many great real life stories and lessons. Not just the good events, but all the rough ones as well. It is truly an authentic story of an American success. We have all been on the roller coaster of success and failures and have had family tragedy and heartaches along the journey. It is truly the unedited version of Brian's life which in one way or another, rings true for us all. The quotes throughout the book are excellent as well with each underpinning the theme of each chapter or "ring". I would highly recommend this book for an easy to digest, truly authentic life story and lessons for creating balance and harmony.

Michael W

The 7 Rings is an excellent guide for not only finding balance in life, but living to the fullest. Brian’s story and testimony are powerful and a true example of fighting the good fight for the prize that lies ahead in Christ. Through pain and adversity, Brian’s trust and faith in God—the first “ring” of seven, has allowed him to keep the other areas—marriage, family, service to community and country, purpose in the world, and work—in their proper places so that he can serve each area to the best of his ability. Brian is passionate about hard work, strong relationships and serving God by serving those around him, and he urges readers to be proactive instead of reactive in order to be effective in these areas, giving practical ways to do so. Brian’s personal stories are compelling and give real-life illustrations on how to work through challenges with a positive outlook and a desire to thrive and give back. This book is a great read and one you’ll come back to for practical steps on finding balance between various areas in life, and achieving significance in this world for God.


Bravo Brian, this book is a breath of fresh air. In a time when the world feels clinical, intolerant, and even hostile to the views and opinions of those with differing philosophies on life, you have given a great example and guide for living your truth and loving others where they are.

Brian's careful and thoughtful consideration of life's most important topics, God, family, work, and contribution through the lens of his life experiences creates a very relate-able format for the reader to consider these questions for themselves.

Brian, thank you for setting a high bar and committing to a life of service, we can all learn from your example.

Sean Myers

Fantastic read - Brian has had quite a life and his insights are wonderful. The 7 Rings resonated with me and helped me to check my priorities in life. Well done!

Heidi Ganahl

I have worked for Brian Watson for almost a decade and the content in chapter 8 (The Gift of Work) really hit home for me. I was one of the two employees mentioned who remained employed by Northstar during its most challenging time during the Great Recession of 2008. Brian and Patricia Watson’s willingness to provide full transparency, and the perseverance exhibited during this time, makes them both true entrepreneurs. They did not take the easy way out; they knew they had a responsibility to their investors, staff, family, and themselves. Not only does the book highlight their success, but it also highlights the hard times and their struggle. Those are the things that build character and resolve, and are what makes us stronger. I think any entrepreneur can learn from The 7 Rings as it relates to the Watson’s approach to maintaining their business, as well as their character, throughout both the good times and the bad.

J. Jones

I really enjoyed this book. Brian Watson offers a hopeful, positive and optimistic look at life, that we don't often take the time to do in our busy day-to-day lives. He lays out his 7 rings - those priorities he has established in his life - and encourages us to define our own rings. Throughout the book, the reader learns about events in Watson's life that shaped him, which makes us look at those events in our lives that shaped us. Watson also weaves in values like love of country that allows us to reflect on what drives us in our own lives. Well done Brian! 

Laura Carno

THE 7 RINGS is an extremely engaging book ... one that causes the reader to ponder about the people and events that have come to determine their choices made day-by-day, as well as personal long-term goals. As I read THE 7 RINGS, I found myself musing about what I would like my legacy to be, as well as how and why we all should strive to leave our world better because of some of the actions and decisions we make along our individual life-journey. I thought I knew Brian; but as I turned page after page I was amazed at his willingness to share his life and heart with the reader. Brian Watson is a man of God as well as a valued leader in every strata of his life, whether faith, family, community, business or country ... and knowing him has certainly impacted me and my life. Now I more clearly see with even greater appreciation who Brian Watson really is ... and who I want to strive to become! If you seek to discover ways to enrich and balance your life, you can certainly gain clarity through the examples Brian presents in THE 7 RINGS!

J Keller

No matter how much we learn in life we should never stop reading. This book has encouraged me to know there are people like Brian and Patricia that honor God through their gifts that they have been given. Please encourage others to read this book.

Gary and Trish Brunson

Great insights and perspective. Brian is a successful entrepreneur that has a proven model to live a life with faith and purpose. Well done!

John P

Brian Watson is a proven leader and an innovative thinker. Life is full of challenges and one is setting priorities. In this book, Brian insight provides a useful, thought-provoking and balanced road map worthy of our appreciation.

Bob Balink

The advice in this book is second to none. It's approachable, well thought through, well told, and insightful. Most important, unlike many other books, this advice is not something that could ever hurt you, or is only accessible to a few. It's about prioritization and the inner good in us all. I know Mr. Watson very well, and these sentiments are only a fraction of the wonderful man that he is.

Peter Auerbach

Brian has a way of making you think outside the box. To really question your faith and to challenge yourself in many ways. A great read!!


The 7 Rings is packed with real life experiences coupled with thought provoking exercises designed to help ensure our lives are truly aligned with what matters most so we can lead a fulfilling and purpose driven life!


After reading Brian's book, I am even more impressed with his accomplishments and how he goes about his life. I have had the good fortune to work with Brian for several years. I knew he had made something of himself, but I didn’t know of his humble beginnings. And he has done it twice, pre-2008 recession, then losing it all, and post-2008, rebuilding to bigger and better! With the new year, I resolve to be a better Husband, Father, Friend, Leader, and Follower. Certainly this book inspires to do just that!

Matt Smith

The workbook format and content are very useful. It is nice to have influential people such as Mr. Watson share their story.

Samantha Baca

Such a great book. Brian Watso is not only a successful Colorado Entrepreneur, wonderful leader in our community, but now a talented author! This book is very inspiring! A must read for everyone, we can all take parts of this book and apply them to our own lives and be a better human! Highly recommended!

Brian Hart

As a young professional and entrepreneur, few books have meant as much and impacted me quite as much.

The tone and approachability with with Brian Watson writes really stands out. While so many life and leadership books are written from "on high", I found "The 7 Rings"  is down "in the trenches" with the rest of us - and I love that.

This book is a book of moments. What I mean by that is it's not a massive grand revelation or selling a quick fix or some life utopia unlocked - it's about living well and fully in daily moments - the times that matter most. The stuff real life is made up of. And that is truly unique for a book of this nature.

Kyle F

Exceptional book. Brian is a true force of nature so it has been powerful to read and learn more about his passion for "doing well by doing good" and his views regarding faith, family, philanthropy, business and politics.